Monday, March 27, 2006

Im still here...
Getting back into the routine of going to work and school after a week of relaxing at the beach and being lazy is hard. Being able to be at the beach when Im at home now is alot more pleasant than I thought it would be. After a week of recovering from a stressful, rewarding, and busy semester, I am ready to push through the second half and be on track for graduation in December (Wooh!). Baseball season is next for me at my job until June, a big chunk of school is out of the way for the semester, and summer looks like it will be pleasant. So until August, life should be good (I hope).

An update to flying...
Ive continued going to CAP meetings and finally pushed through the red tape to apply for membership. Hopefully the good news will come in next Tuesday and we can progress further soon after. After I renew my medical, its very possible I may get a few flights in before the end of the semester which is earlier than I thought. Ive been reading alot (books, magazines, websites, forums) on flying and slowly getting myself oriented again as well as learning so Im ready when I do get back in the cockpit. Summer plans will possibly include a cross country with some friends to the infamous Oshkosh air show. $500 is a big chunk of change for the trip, but I think it will be worth the investment and experience. Either way, im looking forward to this summer.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Its been an interesting week lately with alot of things going on. The basketball team that I coach beat the number one team in the league (definately a huge accomplishment for the kids), long hours at both of my jobs, and a HR test that felt like getting prepared for a final(which I finished today and feel like I will have a high B or low A). I have alot of things on my plate, but I would not have it any other way. All that I do is important to me and allows me to see how I react when I push myself to work hard.

An update to flying in my life:
I attended the CAP meeting this Tuesday and learned alot about SDIS training that is conducted. After the meeting is when I finally got to meet and greet the people that will have a great deal of influence on my advancement of flying and new goals I am dedicated to reaching. Once I make it through all the red tape required to be accepted in the CAP, I will then focus on regaining IFR currency and become familiar with the surrounding area. I then plan to be checked out for the organization's C-182 (think I have to become high-performance certified) to be able to fly on a consistant basis. Sounds easy, but I doubt I will be finished with this process until at least the end of summer.

Alot has gone on this week and doesn't seem to be lightening up anytime soon, but im enjoying life and love the challenge to do the best in all that I do. Now how far this takes me into a successful and enriched career is yet to be seen. Peace!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Well lets hope this is the first of many posts of my adventures in the challenging world of flying. I have been absent from the air since the August of 2005 out of Bessemer, AL. Life has allowed me recently to look seriously into to getting back into aviation here in Tuscaloosa, AL and I am excited to add to my already unforgettable experiences. I have decided to start this blog as mainly as my own reference to look upond and help me stay devoted to continue my flight education and experiences. Isnt that what a PPL and IFR rating is for?

A current member, and new friend, I have been introduced has provided information about CAP and I plan on joining ASAP. The CAP here in town will be having a meeting in early February and thats when the excitement begins. I should be able to start flying hopefully soon thereafter and then who knows what will happen after that.

I finally broke down and purchased a few books that I have wanted for a long time to add to my flying library. Will be great resources to reflect on and help me prepare better for any type of flight.

Hope to be posting again soon with even better news....later!